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I personally have worked with over fifty loan providers over the last six years. I could not name one who has the knowledge, dedication to clients and forward thinking or problem solving abilities of Stephen. I have found him to be in a class of his own in the Sydney market place in providing the necessary and best financial advice, loan structures and loan providers to clients. The feed-back I have had from clients referred to Stephen has been more than excellent.

Apart from his exceptional skills, Stephen is one of the kindest, honest and thoughtful men I have had the pleasure of knowing. His inter-personal skills are again, excellent.

Hugh Frame, Senior National Property Investment Consultant


I am continually impressed by Steve’s ability to help client with strategic solutions for their lending needs. Our mutual clients are very loyal to Steve and he has the ability to build lasting relationships with a wide range of clients. I believe this is due to the fact that he is a effective communicator and he is simply honest. If he can do something or he cannot, he tells the story as it is. He is able to deliver on time what he says he is going to, and if he cannot, he lets all parties understand new agreements. Indeed, I am able to instruct Steve on a client and can rely on him to get the deal done with the minimal of fuss and in full confidence that he can instruct me on other opportunities for the client.

Sunshine Estivo, Managing Director, OmniWealth


Stephen is a very clear communicator, and extraordinary in his methodical nature. I regularly receive volumes of information relating to clients credit, and indeed instruction on how clients credit is to settle. He is very precise with his communication in what he and his clients need, and actively liaise with all bodies at the time of settlement where problems arise. Sadly these skills are missing in Stephen's particular industry of which I am intimately associated.

He is also a very strategic thinker. In many cases we have had where potential credit issues arise, Stephen will warn us as soon as he sees a potential issue, such that we can protect our clients legally.

Peter Ishak, Ishak & Associates

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