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Evolution Financial Services was formed over 10 years ago with the belief that both the business and its' clients would Evolve as time progressed. After all, the only thing that is certain is Change.

The smarter community at large is sick of being told part truths by slick marketers, industry bodies and their icons, and sales people. They are sick of businesses that say one thing and do another. They are sick of not being able to rely on what their advisors and service providers say and what they will do. They are sick of the lack of breadth and depth of knowledge their so-called “professionals” have, the duplicitous nature of their motivations, and the lack of depth and dexterity to which their needs can be met.

People out there really deserve and call for, an all encompassing professional service and advice model.

Indeed, our experience in the Mortgage Industry is such that the consumer is right to be disillusioned. So many brokers and bankers out there can only provide information honestly on what they know.

My question to you is, how much does your current advisor NOT know??

Myopia lives in my industry, where true emotional and professional intelligence is lacking, such that a client will not receive information and advice to more fully provide the answers they need.


It was always envisioned that the changing and evolving mandates of the lending and financial/investment environment would require strong strategic and emotional intelligence of its practitioners, to cater for the future of clients' emotional and practical needs.

Indeed, Evolution has had a number of iterations since its big bang. In an effort to better cater for strong outcomes, Evolution has undergone or evolved through merger and restructure.

In this time, it has always stayed true to its strength of providing an individualistic personal relationship with clients, together with intelligent trustworthy advice and deliverable service.


Practically, this means to you, that you are dealing with a vibrant human being on all levels of relationship.

It means intelligent total strategic lending advice.

It means proactive communication.

It also means meeting expectations and getting things done right the first time.

As such this is my commitment to you.

- Stephen Fenton

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