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Stephen Fenton is the force behind the strategic direction of Evolution Financial Services. As a practitioner he has written over $300 million in mortgage loans and has a passion for the symbiosis of Lending policy, the investment and tax worlds and asset protection. As such, much of the advice that he provides to clients touches each of these areas. The strengths that clients enjoy from this advice are largely dictated around the match of personality and outcomes required by clients.

Simply put, people who do not want change and are inside the square thinkers tend not to enjoy as many benefits of the advice as those willing and who embrace change. Those who are looking to restructure and require more all encompassing advice tend to get MORE benefit from Steve. A usual experience for many of Steve’s clients is to re-engage with their solicitors and accountants to seek education and advice, rather than a one off transaction type service.

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Steve has his qualifications in real estate and also financial planning, though chooses not to provide professional advice in these arenas.


These have been attained to give more rounded advice in Lending for his clients, rather than to suffer the myopia and ignorance which he much despises from advisors in his industry.

On a personal level, Steve has developed himself over his time in finance, having taken the step from being of government employee mindset, to that of entrepreneurial business owner. He has a deep love of philosophy and self development and understands the emotional mind shifts that need to be made to move forward personally, professionally and financially. Steve has learnt many hard lessons about life through self employment and commission only sales. As such his life lessons and steep learning curve helps him understand the underlying shifts and life experiences that it will take for you, should you want change.

Stephen has also been approached to be executive producer on a number of feature films yet to be released. As a part of this project he has been tasked with providing a new financial basis under which the Australian Film and Television sector might evolve into a vibrant business model.


Steve Fenton

Steve has a passion and thirst for knowledge about life and its constructs. This allows him to contribute to people in a meaningful way through the contact he makes through his business. He is very conscious of the journey he takes people on, and the challenges they face with life or financial change.

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